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Home Insurance for Florida Families

Strength in Numbers: More Carriers =
More Coverage Options

Unfortunately, a number of insurance carriers have dropped thousands of Florida home insurance policies in recent years. However, Florida residents can take heart in knowing that Space Coast Insurance Agency, LLC is here to shop the market on behalf of homeowners so they can rest assured their homes are covered.

Many beachside residents have even received notice their policy won’t be renewed. Many of these policies were written by agents who can only offer customers replacement policies through Citizens Property Insurance Corporation–Florida’s state-run insurer.

Although Citizens plays an important role in the insurance industry, it is truly the insurer of last resort. As an independent agency, Space Coast Insurance Agency, LLC has access to many insurance carriers who write home insurance throughout the State of Florida, including for beachside properties.

South Florida single family house in sunny day. Typical Southwest Florida concrete block and stucco home in the countryside with palm trees tropical plants and flowers grass lawn and pine trees. Florida.

Home Insurance to Guard Your
American Dream in Florida

At Space Coast Insurance, we believe every house needs comprehensive home insurance to truly feel like home. The knowledge that your investment—one of the biggest you’ll ever make in life—is protected through unexpected disaster or calamity adds incomparable peace-of-mind. And regardless of your home’s location, age, size, value or type, Space Coast Insurance can customize a homeowners insurance policy to suit every financial situation.

For most people, homeownership represents far more than a monetary investment; a home is also a personal piece of the American dream and a storehouse of memories—memories of good times, bad times, and of all the little ups and downs in between. Many homeowners also devote substantial time to do-it-yourself projects and repairs, etc.

A Florida Home Insurance Agency
You Can Trust

You can trust Space Coast Insurance Agency to shield you, your family, and all your investments. We promise to find a homeowners insurance policy for your family that suits your unique needs and budget.

We’ll never suggest coverages you don’t need, either. We give every client personalized guidance, designing unique, customized policies. And we’ll take the time to review and outline every aspect of the policy and answer all your questions. From beginning to end, you can count on Space Coast Insurance Agency, LLC, to deliver top notch results.

At Space Coast Insurance, we want to be the only agency you'll ever need for home insurance in Florida. We’ll work hard not only to earn your business, but to keep it and build a strong relationship with you and your family over time.

Discounted Homeowners Insurance with Multiple Policies

If you buy homeowners insurance through a Space Coast carrier, there’s a good chance you’ll be eligible for discounted rates if you already carry other Space Coast policies. Ask us about discounts when you bundle home insurance with other policies.

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If you’re looking for home insurance anywhere in Florida, we want to hear from you! At Space Coast Insurance, we’re committed to empowering our policyholders to make informed decisions about homeowners insurance, so if you’ve got a question, we’re here to answer it! For a free online homeowners insurance quote, click here, or call Space Coast Insurance Agency today at 321-799-2929!